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Reduce fuel and emissions

We have a passion, TO REDUCE the cost of fossil fuels on the environment and budgets                       

Richmond River Wardell NSW

The hidden costs of high fuel prices

Because fuel prices are rising many of us are taking short cuts...leaving maintenance undone or going for cheaper fuels etc. This is not always good and can in the end cost much more than we save. Not only in our pockets but also the air we breath.

Save the environment while you save fuel

It is possible to keep our vehicles and machinery running to their optimum and to be able to burn the fuel we use efficiently.
By doing this we cut back on the amount of fuel used and the green house gases produced

Three important issues:

the environment,
the cost of fuel and oil and
the high maintenance costs for our vehicle or machinery

 This Website's purpose

to introduce you to products which have proven their value overtime (See the history of these products on the Pro-ma Website). We believe are a must for anyone concerned about the environment and the cost of fuel and maintenance be it for for your car, boat, lawnmowers, small engines or huge earthmoving, transport vehicles and machinery.

Pro-ma is an Australian Company, family owned and run, Based in Gaven on the Queensland Gold Coast.
If you are not familiar with the Pro-ma range of performance products  We would be pleased to hear from you, let us know what your needs and questions are and we will be more than happy to help.

Yours Sincerely

Linton and Maria Holm

Australia           Canada/USA

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